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good night love quotes

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Always dream.
Never stop dreaming.
Dreams beautiful,
and soothing dreams
emotion De.
A true dream
Of you have me
captive and whole,
and that is only yours,
My heart …

“Think, dream, wait, but do more, do more and think less, for yesterday was gone, tomorrow belongs to God and today you do it”

Live, dream, enjoy to the fullest, for one day it may be too late, but just mind two things, happiness and the people who really love you!

Do not give up on your dreams, dream, it’s free, go ahead

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Dream, but dream with will.
Then wake up and make your dream come true.

Sleep with God and dream of mega … Because one day he slept with me and dreamed of the angels ….

Never let anyone destroy your dreams ….
but do not perform them to step on people!
Dream and be happy with others.!

Dream big, even if your dream is crazy in the minds of those who do not believe in their victory.

“Dream of what you most desire, for no one can be prevented from dreaming.”

Go to sleep, pray and Dream big, ask God for great things. Do not expect small things from such a great God.

Dreams are capable of uniting heaven and earth.

What if you dreamed more? What if this dream comes true? … So what decision do you make? Dream hard, in your dreams nothing is impossible.

Dream, dream, dream, dream? So now acooooorda get you up and go, do it where it makes you real!

Dream big! But do not forget that the dream is not a reality

Believe. Dream. Embrace. Surprised. Kiss. Take a shot. Smile. Love. Alive.

Dream with your feet on the floor and look for what you have not yet found … Smile! … Contemplate what is best now, do not live thinking and waiting for things to change …

Dream your dreams and you will wake up. Each one dreams of their aspirations and desires.

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“I like him who dreams the impossible.”
Impossible Dreams ….
There is not the impossible in the dream.

The impossible is in the realm of reality.

Dream today!
And tomorrow turn into action …
if you cannot, do not go to blame pro dream …

Dream big and always seek the highest places. Better a life of struggles and constant failures until the desired success is achieved than a mediocre life of conformism.

Dream with your desires. Dream of your wishes. Dream with intensity. And who knows, tomorrow when you wake up, the dream can be reality.

Dreaming costs nothing so dreams like a crazy every day and always look for a correct way to accomplish them.

Dreams are not reality, dream about a woman and she may represent a scorpion, or dream about a bird, and it may represent a man.

Dream, for only in dreams do we have what reality denies us!

And if reality is difficult, dream.

Think, dream, plan as far as you can. But with his feet on the ground.

Do not dream the impossible, if you cannot do as little as possible.

Even dream that you do not realize, cry even though not forward, wait even taking time, even wrong that there are consequences and love even without being reciprocated. Even because in this life is not always right and that is how you learn.

If it is to love intensely, if it is to dream, dream intensely and live? Live intensely!

Dreaming releases
dream adds
Alcee higher flights – Dream.

Dream, dream always, dream big, but for you to be the size of your dreams, wake up to run them.

Do not dream for dreaming, dare or it will be a simple dream!

“Pity in desistis only the weak recoar only the cowards give up only the weak once, dream run backwards go forward without looking back and remember always humility”

Dream like a child, the world needs more people with hope in your heart,

Be wary of fate and believe in yourself, do not dream, realize and do not plan to live for love kisses.

Do not dream about me whenever I say I want you, but think of me whenever I’m away from you.

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