Top 10 brands of sunglasses most expensive in the world

Most Expensive Sunglasses
One of the things that make a very beautiful and interesting look is a beautiful sunglasses, especially on hot days, so nothing better than choosing a high quality glasses to enhance the visual
The sun oculus is an accessory that can not miss In a good wardrobe, because this piece is not only to protect the sight of the sun’s reflections, but also from all evil that is harmful to the eyes, especially the UVA and UVB rays.
It is not only the frames in their many shapes that make a difference in a glasses, because those who create these formats make all the difference in the final price of a glasses, which can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars or dollars. Many things make all the difference between a regular eyeglasses and a branded eyeglasses since in a branded eyeglasses there is a whole job of quality and design which sets the trends of clothes and accessories from all over the world.
Below is the list of the most popular and expensive sunglasses on the market:


This is one of the simplest glasses on the circuit of the most expensive sunglasses, but it has won its public since the 1930s and its success is so much that it remains in the circuit until today, with all its charm and simplicity. Persol is an Italian luxury brand that works exclusively with glasses, mainly with sunglasses. Their glasses are recognized for being lightweight durable. Its plastic frames are produced with cellulose acetate, a hypoallergenic, cotton-derived material. She was a pioneer in flexible rod systems.


One of the most traditional names in fashion, the Diesel brand also gives its touch to the world of sunglasses, with its simplicity in design, which can be used both day-to-day and a beautiful stroll. His glasses are inspired by the market that gave sight to the brand, the jeans.


Women are always looking for a modern, chic and can be used even in an executive environment, because it is a glasses that despite being full of details in their frames, it becomes a very beautiful and delicate glasses, that is, everything. That women want. In Guess it is common to find branded clothing, but like every luxury company, it is trend to expand to other accessories that make up the look of anyone. He currently works with watches, jewelry and perfumes as well, despite being a relatively new brand (founded in 1981).

Louis Vuitton

This is one of the glasses that lavishes charm and daring at the same time, while still being chic and modern, it is, we are talking about glasses that have golden details that can highlight any design, which is very important in the world of fashion, in That accessories should never fight with clothing. Louis Vuitton is one of the most traditional fashion world brands, was founded in 1854 in Paris, France.


Despite being a popular brand, this is one of the most successful brands in the elite, thanks to its simple design that is very charming in every type of look. Your glasses become more valued just by having the brand emblem on your handles. Gucci is part of the top most expensive designer brands .


When talking about Prada, we are talking about one of the most traditional fashion brands, which since 1913 is dictating fashion around the world and this story began in Milan, Italy. The glasses are not among their main products, but it is one of the most expensive in the world.

Ray ban

The well-known Italian brand was founded in 1937 and became so popular due to the use of the military in the 50’s, later, the characteristic glasses won the screens of the cinemas, providing a worldwide product dissemination.
Everyone has thought of having one of these glasses one day, because this model is considered the most loved by all, it is like the Neymar of the glasses, thanks to its simple design and in the frame is one of the most coveted signatures in the world .


Women always look for glasses that match silver or other accessories that can be chic and the Fendi brand manages to combine casual with chic, making the silver-plated frame match almost every type of casual wear. Day-to-day life. Fendi is one of the largest luxury companies in the world, based in Rome, operates with fragrances, handbags, watches and clothes.


While the vast majority of people are looking for a sunglasses to wear in their daily lives, many people are looking for a sunglasses here are the brands of Most Expensive Sunglasses that has a more sporty style and this brand is one of the biggest benchmarks in the world in sports glasses, everything This thanks to the diverse shades of colors in its lens and the bold format of the frame of the sunglasses.

Maui Jim

This is the most bought glasses in the USA, due to the fact that it has a simple and modern design, not to mention the use of not very conventional colors such as green color, for these reasons and more is that this designer Jim Richards is One of the most established fashion professionals in the US and around the world. The Maui sunglasses have already been rated by Forbes as one of the “100 things worth every penny.”